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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fat Guys Fantasy Football Podcast - #127

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On today's show - Jeff makes us aware of how cheap breast augmentation surgery is in Brazil (seriously), then we talk fantasy football. This is another week of 6 byes, so you probably need some help deciding who to play. We tell you who we think are must starts/sits. Thanks for listening, and please consider leaving us a review wherever you consume podcasts.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fat Guys Fantasy Football Podcast - #124

Fantasy Football Podcast Mic

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We recap Week 7 by talking about what we got right and wrong, then talk about the news, the waiver-wire, injuries for Thursday Night Football, and your Thursday night starts and sits.

Find us at, and subscribe to the show via iTunes, RSS, or listen on Stitcher.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings - Standard and PPR Leagues

Some things to consider when using these rankings:

  • Use at your own risk. I am sharing something I do personally to help me slot players each week. 
  • This is meant to be a guide. If you have a gut feeling that the ranking of a player is too high, or too low, you might be right!
  • There will be a few players that slip through that are on IR, designated as "Out" for the week, etc. See, the thing is, I have a real job, and then I have this hobby. If/when I ever get paid to do this for a living, I can assure you there will be a QA process. Until then, just pay attention, and check the injury reports.
  • You will also sometimes notice that two players, from the same team, in the same position, are ranked - sometimes highly. This is because I use a "Points Against" weighting system when evaluating players. Averages have a "Defensive Weight" added to them, and sometimes, it's substantial. When this happens:
    • Pick the highest rated player, in that position, on that team, that is most likely to play.
    • For example, you own both Isaiah Crowell, and Duke Johnson, Jr. from the Cleveland Browns. Good job - you probably drafted one of these guys as a handcuff. You're smart. In this scenario, both Crowell and Johnson are both highly ranked, because their opponent sucks at stopping the rush. However, Crowell is the #1 overall RB. Continue to be smart by playing Crowell, and sitting Johnson. You do not play both. That would dumb.
    • In unusual circumstances, you might end up playing BOTH players. This is usually in cases of 2 WRs. I generally try to point that out on the podcast.
  • Players are in "Tiers." Technically, according to the way I do the stats, the first and last guys in the same tier are likely to have similar games/stats. The key word there is likely.

- Drew

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fat Guys Fantasy Football Podcast - #121

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On the Saturday show this week, we get you ready for all of the NFL games tomorrow with Starts & Sits, the latest headlines, injuries, and waiver-wire moves.

Topics on this show include: 

  • What are you doing with Jordan Reed?
  • Do you own a running back in a committee?
  • What can you do to make your team better? As in RIGHT NOW.
  • Should you start Jeremy Maclin this week?

All of that and more. Thanks for listening!

You can find and subscribe to the Fat Guys Fantasy Football Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or via RSS in the podcatcher of your choice. 

Also find us at,, and @fatguysff on Twitter.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ep. 074 - Fat Guys Fantasy Football Podcast

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Running Time: 1:14:05

We consider this the first official episode of the 2015-16 Fantasy Football Season. Halle-freakin-lujah people!

Listen to the first part of the show to understand why I did not use an F-Bomb above. No we are not censoring the show. Yet. FEEDBACK NEEDED.

Start checking into league administrative stuff NOW. Do not wait. Make sure everyone that played last year, is playing this year. New league? Start getting with everyone to determine the points scoring system. And for god's sake - SET A DAMN DRAFT DATE.

After that, it's the good stuff. Jeff talks about Janeane Garofalo backing up Tom Brady (or whatever that guy's name is). Drew has an opinion on Martavis Bryant (that's weird), and other strategic items as the draft looms nearer.

Glad to have you back. Weekly shows start the week of August 17th, and bi-weekly shows after the first Monday night game. Crush your league. There is no other way.

Twitter: @fatguysff

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ep. 060 - Fat Guys Fantasy Football

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Running Time: 44:07

Fat Guys Fantasy Football
November 22, 2014
Episode 60

  • Jeff and Drew - the not so fat, fat guys - always here to help you finish first, and crush your league
  • On Today’s Show: TNF Recap, The Hakeem Nicks Injury Report, Matchup Starts/Sits, and The Weather
  • What are we drinking?
  • Let’s get into the show...

What we learned from Thursday Night
  • Drew
    • The Chiefs had a horrible game plan. Got behind way too early.
    • Alex Smith looked awful, but probably got you some fantasy points.
    • Derek Carr went full blown Tebow on us. I’m over it.
  • Jeff
    • Why hasn’t Latavius Murray seen the ball more this season?
    • The Raider’s have been awful this year in the win-loss column, but have been competitive in a lot of games this year.
    • Even when KC is terrible Jamaal has been his usual consistent self.


Hakeem Nicks Injury Report - ESPN,, and Fantasy Football Toolbox
  • Bye Weeks: Panthers, Steelers

Top Matchup Starts/Sits  -
  • Starts
    • Drew
      • Colin Kaepernick vs. Washington Redskins
      • LeSean McCoy vs. Tennessee Titans
      • Kendall Wright vs. Philadelphia Eagles
      • Mohamed Sanu vs. Houston Texans
      • Austin Sefarian-Jenkins vs. Chicago Bears
      • Sleeper: Denard Robinson vs. Indianapolis Colts
    • Jeff
      • Isaiah Crowell vs. Atlanta Falcons
      • Mark Sanchez vs. Tennessee Titans
      • TY Hilton vs.  Jacksonville Jaguars, should be Auto-start
      • Brandon Marshall vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, back to being Auto-start
      • Rashad Jennings vs. Dallas Cowboys
      • Sleeper: Marcedes Lewis vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • Sits
    • Drew
      • Drew Stanton vs Seattle Seahawks
      • Mark Ingram vs Baltimore Ravens
      • Chris Ivory vs Buffalo Bills
      • DeAndre Hopkins vs Cincinnati Defense
      • Kenny Britt vs San Diego Chargers
    • Jeff
      • Andre Ellington vs Seattle Seahawks
      • Alfred Morris vs. San Francisco 49’ers
      • Fred Jackson vs. NY Jets
      • Jonas Gray vs. Detroit Lions
      • Jerick McKinnon vs. Green Bay Packers



Saturday, September 13, 2014

No Welker... Yet.

According to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk, the NFL and NFLPA still have not finalized an agreement regarding new drug testing policies.

So why do we care?

If you listened to the show from last night, you know that Jeff and I warned everyone that reporters like Mark Maske and Chris Mortensen were tweeting that the deal may not go through before the Sunday games. Suspended players like Wes Welker, and Orlando Scandrick will probably remain suspended until next weekend. There's no immediate impact on Josh Gordon, as he won't be back until at least week 11.

I think the NFL delayed on purpose. They're willing to make a deal, but do not want to be perceived as "soft" after a week of PR nightmares. They drew the line in the sand. Can't blame the players for trying.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ep. 038 - Ray Rice and High Stakes Fantasy Football

[MP3] Listen and/or download directly.

Recorded: September 10, 2014
Running Time: 52:05

Fat Guys Fantasy Football
September 10, 2014
Episode 038

  • Jeff and Drew - the not THAT fat, fat guys that are here, as always, to help you wn your league
  • Today’s Show: The latest fantasy football headlines, the Hakeem Nicks Injury Report, Last weeks notable performance, waiver moves you might want to make, the TNF preview, and an interview with a high stakes fantasy football player.
  • What are we drinking?
  • Shiner Bock and Bowmore Scotch
  • Let’s get into the show...

  • Ray Rice

Hakeem Nicks Injury Report
  • Cam Newton - P
  • Alshon Jeffrey - Q
  • Brandon Marshall - Q
  • Shaun Draughn - ?
  • A.J. Green - Q
  • Jordan Cameron - Q
  • C.J. Spiller - ?
  • Reggie Bush - Q
  • Eddie Lacy - ?
  • Jadeveon Clowney - O
  • Garrett Graham - O
  • Shiloh Keo - O
  • Marquis Lee - Q
  • Toby Gerhart - Q
  • Mercedes Lewis - P
  • Cecil Shorts - Q
  • Kenny Stills - ?
  • Odell Beckham
  • MJD - Q
  • Antonio Gates - Q
  • Shaun Hill
  • Doug Martin
  • Justin Hunter
  • Jordan Reed - O
  • Ladarius Webb
  • Reggie Bush
  • Ben Tate - O
  • Tyler Eifert

Pick 5-7 guys to talk about real quick.

Interview - Eric Jensen

Top Performers
  • Drew
    • Knowshon Moreno
    • Kelvin Benjamin
    • Antonio Brown
    • Jake Locker
  • Jeff
    • Matthew Stafford
    • Cordarelle Patterson
    • Terrence West
    • Allen Hurns

Worst Performers
  • Drew
    • Ben Tate
    • Zac Stacy
    • Martellius Bennett
    • Jamaal Charles
  • Jeff
    • Jordan Reed
    • MJD
    • RGIII
    • Victor Cruz

Waiver Moves
  • Drew
    • Jake Locker
    • Andrew Hawkins
    • Chris Ivory
  • Jeff
    • Terrence West
    • Joel Gresham
    • Larry Donnell
    • Lamichael James - Deep League FA

TNF Preview
  • Leveon Bell
  • Steve Smith
  • Markus Wheaton

  • Sitting Ben Roethlisberger
  • Sitting Joe Flacco
  • Sitting all BAL RBs


Next show is Saturday, September 13. Stay tuned for more updates on the Hakeem Nicks injury report, we will recap the TNF game, give more matchup starts and sits, and talk about more news.